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Updated: Apr 16


Part 1 of 3

I broke this into 3 videos because it’s a lot of information to digest. My intention is not to be a part of your overwhelm. There are vital things I am sharing that may seem harsh but they are meant with the upmost compassion and love. I have been witness to far too many people diagnosed jumping on the bandwagon of wanting to consume information about cancer and healing in order to teach others how to heal. It makes sense to grab onto that notion for survival through a very scary time… but I need to share some things to help you understand how it is not the time for requesting that your body teach YOU something in order to take yourself away from the body that is trying to get your attention. It’s an intimate, private journey.

This is not a make wrong, it’s simply a life line to the truth. 🛟

I will post the other 2 parts within a day of each other. 🙏🏼

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