I was stripped of everything in 2013 after moving from the Bay area as a top producing realtor to Venice Beach. Many things unfolded to unravel me to a place of pain and fear that was finally unbearable - I planned my suicide and gave God an ultimatum to either step in with a huge sign that I should stay or I would be coming back to hit the reset button. I asked "have I gone so wrong, am I this big a piece of s*it that I have ruined any chances of a life without pain and fear?"

During a pillow fight with God and boogers running down my face I heard
"you still have healing to do". I asked what that healing was because I didn't know but was not trying to

I had no family and everything that had always worked for me to Phoenix Rise from the ashes all my life was no longer working. I was terrified and depleted...more importantly, I felt worthless.

I left my Mercedes Benz in the Ross parking lot in Venice, took my vanity plates off the car and walked home to a sheriff sticker on my door informing me of my eviction.