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Cowgirl flying with the stars
Flying with the stars


For the past 3 days I have been supporting a 30 year old woman who had a sudden stroke and was in a coma. She has now crossed to the other side, joyfully. There is so much to share and I will be doing a longer writing because I am honoring her voice. I have already learned a lot from her during our time together, which has continued even today, but her ease and clarity is different in that she has released the pain of being human. She is free and painted the sky last night for one of her best friends. I was driving back home last night, an hour after she crossed, the friend she requested I get in touch with had text me " I hope she is running in flower fields with butterflies" and she said from the other side " I am not running in flowers, I am painting the sky" and the sky turned the most magnificent purple pink blue that lit up the darkness. I text the friend back "look at the sky". As soon as she responded "OMG" the colors literally disappeared as if they were never there!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

I need to be careful not to launch off into all the incredible pieces of her story because I would be here all day. The most profound thing to say just for today, is that her ability to straddle both worlds for all those days, to communicate so clearly from both her human emotion and then the truth of where she also was in her higher mind was astounding. She shared many many truths of her painful human experiences, all her hopes and dreams and how she never felt seen or chosen. What I know about her is that regardless of any actions taken in reaction to her own trauma and pain, she was and is innately selfless. A caveat to this is, many times our selflessness can come from an attempt to experience the love and acceptance we so desperately think we need. Maybe if we do enough, cut our wrists to pour our hearts onto the ground to be seen, then whoever we are trying to prove ourselves to will have more time or ability to love us. Her selflessness was pure and also pained but it was bright in her heart and beautiful.

Let me share how we became connected, because that in itself is powerful. I did not know this girl in this realm, although she was/is connected to others I do know. I was on the phone Saturday figuring out logistics around picking up my dog and it was mentioned that this person was in the hospital and that visitation was being requested by people who know her. Well immediately upon the mention of her name, she began coming through to me with messages for her dad. Keep in mind she was in a coma, and I was utilizing non verbal communication via clairvoyance, which is simply leveling up into my own higher mind where the truth of all things reside. But, alas, we need labels! This is the same way I communicate with dementia, alzheimer's, autism, any non verbal person or animal etc etc....anyway, I paused to explain that she was coming through and how can I get a message to her dad without freaking him out? You see, my reverence is always first for spirit, but I do keep in mind how to be a respectful messenger. When I say "spirit" it does not always mean someone who has crossed, because we are ALL spirit in body, she happened to be half in and half out. Very cool to witness and each situation is different. These 3 days ended up being VERY different. She had things she wanted to say to her boyfriend as well and I wasn't sure how I was going to work all this out, but she worked it all out for me, I just kept listening and doing. I am great with spirit orders :)) the more the better, I love it. This girl was not playing!

You know what, let me try and wrap this by saying.... she was very clear about how she felt about her human experience, and the state of humanity from the most raw human mind version, unedited by her higher self. It just was what it was and it's ok to say and feel things others may look upon as negative. It was her experience and she couldn't seem to create a different one no matter how hard she tried. She told me this while I was physically at her bedside holding her hand, trying to talk her into coming back into her body. I had woke that morning with a plan to walk the beach and join the gym, but she insisted I please come to the hospital. I spent hours with her, listening to her, which is something she desperately needed and wanted. I tried to empower her as I saw her life mission before me, as she was surrounded by all the female ancestors where she was, yet she was still at a place of choice. It was all so so phenomenal to witness and I was and am honored. I tried to play sound bowls for her and she told me she was tired and just wanted to rest, she had had many visitors. So I put them away. She didn't leave her communication with me no matter where I was, she had so much she wanted to say and wanted me to understand her life and why she was inclined to stay where she was. I told her I don't blame her because the truth is much simpler and the love we are unconditionally surrounded by at all times nourishes the soul at a level unexplainable. I get it. I used to come home from my clinic, after a day of hanging out with God, spirit, loved ones, angels, mother earth during sessions, infused with the freshness of beautiful wife would say (jokingly) "you like hanging out with them more than me I think" and all I would say back (jokingly) was "wellllll it's just different" (smile).

I guess I rambled a bit but that's ok, I like to share the beauty of the details and hopefully anyone reading this can slow down enough to experience that. It is my greatest hope anyway. For all of us.

Most importantly, for this story, she chose to stay on the other side and let go of her physical body. She understands the implications of what that means but I am happy for her that she made a decision that was soul-y for herself without being swayed by me, God, her spirit team or anyone here in physical form. That was healing in itself. That is how she chose to release some of her trauma so she won't have to create the same experiences in the next incarnation. BRAVO girl!! Brilliant!!

I was at home the moment I realized they must have taken her off life support because she was now flying around like a shooting star with a huge smile on her unburdened face. I hadn't known for sure what she would choose until that moment, God even left it to her.

I poured a bit of bourbon spontaneously in that moment and said "cheers to you badass QUEEN"!.

It has been an absolute honor girl...I SEE YOU!

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