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The Power of Spirit: A Mother's Love

Updated: Apr 27

I’ve written my first of many EBooks and hope you’ll be uplifted by The Power of Spirit and allow the knowing of this truth into your own life. Humanity is at a crucial place and it is time to know and embrace the power that spirit has to help guide us in our lives, even lead us to loved ones who are lost, as you will read about here. #FAITH is an unwavering knowing YOU are divinely guided, with God as the overseer and space holder for all that is possible, for all of us.

This is a collaboration between myself and spirit (Maeve) Past and present tenses are mixed, as there is no time in that realm, lines are definitely blurred as past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. Enjoy the story of this badass mom. She insisted on this being the time to write this short book, her story, as her intention is to support humanity at this time, to give hope and to invite you to utilize the power of spirit. This is a remarkable story of that power.

This is the story of Maeve Kennedy McKean and her 8-year old son Gideon who both tragically drowned on the Chesapeake Bay April 2nd of 2020 in a canoe accident. Maeve was recovered on April 6th, but authorities had yet to recover her son after an intensive search in challenging weather. They were getting ready to call off the search when Maeve came through to me, a medium, on the morning of the 7th, pleading for help so her son could be found. She was frantic and said that she would not cross over, she would not leave her son until he was also recovered. Maeve’s sheer will, intense love for her son, the power of Spirit and faith are demonstrated over a 24 hour period. She insisted the search team would not know where to look unless they knew what had happened, nothing would make sense otherwise.I was transported to various places, to see through my own eyes as well as Maeve's to understand the details of what had happened and how to articulate this to the search team, as she insisted I do. Ultimately, armed with sketches, screenshots and direct instructions as to where they would recover Gideon I made the call to the Maryland Natural Resources Police. Gideon was recovered on April 8th a short time later.

We were collaborators for those 24 hours as we are now in the writing of this story. Maeve's strength astounds as she has powerful messages intended to support humanity in this time of need.

The Power of Spirit: A Mother's Love

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