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  • Is Zoom as powerful as in person?
    Absolutely. Your guides, spirit and God are accessed from anywhere and everywhere. The ability to infuse the intended healing light and reorganization of the electrical system can be done telepathically and with the help of spirit, same as in person.
  • Are you available to travel?
    Yes. I have traveled the world supporting in many different ways. Private clients, healing land, being the voice for horses, healing homes and aligning their people. Email for more information
  • Can you help my pet?
    Yes, I love being the voice for an animal and their body. It's wonderful to be able to give them what they need!
  • Do you ever do group healing sessions in person?
    Yes I do. I am also available to come to your town or home if you put a group together!
  • Can you do long distance healing?
    Yes, I work with clients all over the world via Zoom. Spirit is everywhere!
  • Can you communicate with people who have crossed?
    Yes! The way they work with me may be different than typical. They will utilize me to come forward to help you. Whether life decisions, healing or illness etc, they are here to support you.
  • Do you teach Etheric Medicine?
    Not yet but I am going to soon, only in person and via an interview process as the medicine is sacred and God's work, divinely guided and reverent. email
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