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The Work

The anatomy of your existence resides in the etheric body - this is the space of possibility


In my Etheric Medicine practice, I work as an architect of vibrational anatomy™ to bring the soul, mind and body into collaboration so true healing can begin. This creates the environment for the body's intrinsic ability to heal in its own unique way.




What is the soul mind and body collaboration?

Bobbi Vogel - Etheric Medicine


In sessions, the limited human and subconscious mind speaks of illusion, pain and untruths. These show up for me as vibrational densities in the etheric space and the possibility of duplication into the physical body as illness. I recalibrate energetic densities with higher vibrational beliefs freeing you of victimization and powerlessness.


Through clairvoyance I am able to listen, scan, see and feel the stagnation  in the etheric body as  it relates to your physical body. I collaborate with your guides, soul, mind and physical body to understand what unique recipe of healing is necessary and implement your divinely guided treatment. 

I work with people who are willing and open to receive and ready to step into their divinely timed, curated healing journey.

Humanity is perfect and gorgeous - not broken

Bobbi Vogel - Etheric Medicine
Bobbi Vogel - Etheric Medicine


I commune with your  soul and connect it to your humanity,  transmuting the illusion of pain and less-than and infuse you with pure light as power. This clears the pathway to the soul and serves as a conduit for optimal healing that is unique to you.


Is not a religion, it is knowing that you are a light being, divinely guided 100% of the time. To embody faith as a knowing, not just a believing, takes reverence for your humanity on your soul's journey. To have the humility to ask and the courage to receive. It is an inward not an outward journey.

Bobbi Vogel - Etheric Medicine


Dis-ease and dis-comfort are meant to heal you.

The soul comes in with the etheric body and tells the vibrational story of every incarnation and every unhealed wound along the journey of your soul - false beliefs, self loathing, trauma, toxic environment ..etc. These all directly affect the etheric body as vibrational stagnation and density which duplicate into the physical body when left unhealed.


The physical body being the hologram of the etheric has the potential to express these duplications of stagnation and density through dis-ease and dis-comfort, all of which are calling your humanity forward to heal on behalf of your soul. 


So it makes sense that true healing requires a healing of the etheric body for the physical body to be well. We need both medicines and collaboration is vital moving forward.


The beautiful truth is that we have the power to do it all!


My gift of clairvoyance and the ability to see the etheric body as it relates to each unique physical body make for a vital collaboration in order to bring forward whole body healing.

To ascertain straight from the body what is going on, what protocol is beneficial or not and to prioritize what the body tells us is priceless. Most of the time the symptoms (squeaky wheel) are not what came first, so we follow the trail of truth as told by the organs, fascia, density and stagnation that is unique to it. 


As I already collaborate with doctors with much success, it has worked best for each of us to utilize our own gifts and knowing to bring forward optimal health and healing for patients.


Etheric surgery is a possibility and many times relieves the physical body of symptoms.


Please see the booking page for more information or send an email to see how we can curate a unique collaboration that meets your practices needs.

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