Effects Of Trauma On The Etheric Body

The Etheric (energy) body came first then duplicated into physical form, we can think of it as a hologram of sorts. This has been scientifically proven many times. It is Einsteinian Medicine, the research is available all over the internet. Every physical body has an Etheric/energy body, we are light bodies, we need light to heal.

When dense/stagnant energy gathers in our Etheric body, left long enough, it then duplicates into the physical body in the location above it. This would be considered  “illness” or “disease” in Western Medicine terms. We must first remove the Etheric body of this stagnant/dense energy to heal the physical body. Simply removing organs and tissues from the physical body will do nothing to clear the origin of the illness, which is energetic/emotional. In short, we must first clear etheric body before illness will leave the physical, otherwise many times, the illness recurs.

There are conscious steps we can take to protect our energy via self care. Our physical body needs oxygen to live, our light (etheric) body needs us to also breathe in light. We need to do both!