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Dr. Christine Schaffner Podcast

Dr. Christine Schaffner Interviews Bobbi Vogel

In this episode of the Spectrum of Health podcast, Bobbi Vogel joins Dr. Christine Schaffner to discuss bridging traditional medicine with etheric medicine.  This is a LONG episode, but you definitely want to stay to the end! Dr. Christine Schaffner shares her health story from this past summer and how Bobbi helped her in her own healing journey.

Bobbi was stripped of everything in 2013 after moving from the Bay area as a top-producing realtor to Venice Beach. Many things unfolded to unravel her to a place of pain and fear that was finally unbearable - She planned her suicide. During a fight with God, she heard, "you still have healing to do."  This led Bobbi down a path of healing and helping others heal.

Bobbi Vogel is a Purpose Guide, Speaker, and a Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive. She is guided to work in different ways with each person to assist in breaking down, softening, and clearing dense, toxic energy. Spirit works through her in a very unique way, it cannot be explained with mere words. This is energy medicine.

Listen in to learn more

• {00:58} Bobbi’s journey

• {43:46} Dr. Christine’s healing journey

• {53:00} How meeting Bobbi helped Dr. Christine

• {01:11:50} Bridging traditional medication with Bobbi’s work

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