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Awaken the Healer Within Summit 2021

Awaken the Healer Within Summit - Jason Prahl - 2021

Bobbi Vogel discusses her practice Etheric Medicine and how being a Spirit taught clairvoyant Healer and Medical intuitive is helping people understand the power they have to heal and how.

Bobbi Vogel is the founder of the Center for Etheric Medicine. She is a spirit taught clairvoyant healer, medical intuitive and voice for the soul, mind and body. She ascertains what is out of alignment creating vibrational dis-ease in the etheric body, both before and after it duplicates as a physical body illness. Light, intention and reverence are the tools used as an architect of vibrational anatomy. She brings into alignment the soul, mind and body to create the environment for intrinsic healing and release.

Bobbi teaches that we must have compassion for our humanity as we consciously collaborate with our soul on the journey to health and healing. It all begins with faith.

She currently collaborates with doctors as this is the NOW of medicine.

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