preparing for a session

I am honored to work with you, grateful for your trust, and look forward to sharing your journey!

The moment you make the appointment, Spirit begins to shift the energy in preparation for your session. It is important to know that Spirit has an agenda and is already prioritizing what they deem necessary in session. This is teamwork! After all they are here for you and have come together for your highest good. It is a beautiful thing to witness. Have faith you are surrounded by support, held in a loving, compassionate space and be open. If we are doing a phone/skype/zoom session, please be in a comfortable, private and uninterrupted space for our scheduled appointment. Also, please refrain from alcohol or using recreational drugs before session.

Do not be surprised if you feel emotions arising, body dis-comfort or other intensities a day or so prior to your appointment. All of this is part of the normal process. These sessions happen exactly when they are supposed to, trust that everything is aligning! This holds true whether we are doing a health related session or life purpose/direction session.

Healing requires that you be part of the team. Spirit typically gives personalized “prescriptions” for self care during sessions. Typically clients who adhere to these suggestions have the best results. For that purpose, we ask you to read this agreement to establish lines of responsibility. Health sessions are a natural preventative and holistic approach to body/mind harmony and overall health and well being.

Responsibility rests with you. It is imperative to have clear intentions, believe in your wellness/life goals and be committed to your intended outcome. If Spirit has connected us for health issues, It is important to understand that it has taken many years to create the conditions in both your energy (etheric) and physical body. For this reason, the condition most likely will not simply be resolved with one session. Again, adhering to any self care regimen given during session to support your own healing is paramount.

*Bobbi Vogel is not a medical doctor nor does she portray herself as one. Her services do not replace the services of other professionals, such as medical doctors, counselors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, etc.

**For optimal results, please do not schedule any activities, other than that which bring you joy and ease, for at least two hours before the conclusion of your session. It’s preferable that no other energy work be scheduled for 5 days. Should you not understand this  disclaimer, please do not hesitate to ask questions!

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