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The Power of Self Forgiveness

hand with compass lighting the way

I was walking the beach this morning contemplating my own healing journey and following the chain of events that led me to this truth I and what I now write below.

The power of self forgiveness is underestimated in it's necessity.

If we cannot bear to face ourselves, it impossible to forgive ourselves.

 Self forgiveness, grace, compassion and faith find their way to the resonance of self love. These are the flashlights that lead our way. 

Once this resonance is felt and known, we can always find our way back to ourselves in those moments we believe we have faltered on our journey, or strayed from our path. 

Keep getting up. This is what polishing our soul feels like.


Remember through it all, you are already perfect and divinely guided.

It is the greatest illusion to believe you are not.

I have trained my whole life in order to be here to support you.

It would be an honor.


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