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The Path to Owning Our Divinity–Healing The Wounded Child

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To experience the divinity that already exists as us, we must intentionally turn within to view the distorted beliefs of our humanity, formed from our human experiences of pain.


It is the resultant behaviors born from these distortions that build upon themselves as shame, and shame drives us deeper away from the truth of who we are as divine beings, lights of God.

It is the thing that turns us away from ourselves.


The good news!

The journey of the Soul IS the cycle of life; all the pain we experience IS the opportunity to return to our divinity over and over.


To be in service to ourselves, and ultimately the collective, is to not nibble around the pain only to convince ourselves we are healing.

This will only further ignore the pained child that remains hidden deep within the recesses of our hearts and minds.


How is the seemingly voiceless child showing up in your life?

None of us are exempt from this phenomena–remembering, it is by the souls design that it is so.


I share with you here some of the ways I take back the wheel when my wounded child seems to be at the helm:

I first acknowledge it is a possibility, a beautiful opportunity to be with myself, to earn back my trust and then breathe deep into my adult heart. I then see a thin string from my heart with the intention of allowing it to lead to the pained child–the part of me who is believing she is still unsafe and acting out. The resonance of this trauma can be revisted over and over as truth until we become devout to transmuting it. If we don't, it remains. I accept over and over that the responsibility is mine, the adult, to continually redirect and heal the child with compassion and grace. I say yes to my divinity.

The path to owning our divinity begins with healing the wounded child.

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