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Images from Cathedrals in Italy
My Italian Pilgrimage

I have only begun to create my pilgrimage shrine but my new nest, my home feels like my own church, my space of divinity where I continue to heal, remembering all the teachings of the Saints, God, Jesus, Mary…. Having a space to heal that is somehow made to be your own is so vital, creating a space to hold you, a place where you feel held. A space where you can fall apart and drop into the arms of the divine where your humanity can rest.

It is hard to choose which pictures out of thousands to hang.  These are a few profound snapshots in time

as my hand rested on the stone of this cathedral asking for strength God shared some beautiful, private messages with me, for me… for now, but the most beautiful truth is that we are already perfect .. perfect in our pain and all the experiences that brought us to it. Forgive yourself for you are already forgiven - in the eyes of God there is nothing to forgive. Shame is the greatest powerlessness and an illusion of the ego, not the soul.

So much reverence for my soul and for the courage of my humanity. Some days I am astounded by the ability to withstand deep deep pain. My roots are deep in my faith I know beyond know that I am divinely guided as we all are and I am so grateful for this knowing. I am so grateful for my courage and the depths I have allowed it to take me for I know it is all in service to a greater purpose, my souls mission, one I am devout to. There is nothing that matters more to me.

As I stare into these photos remembering the moment… this is what is on my heart

I look forward to sharing more

Thank you God.

Thank you Bobbi you courageous badass $&%##%*!

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