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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The Earth told me that due to our neglect, she has become necrotic and that there are people on the planet who have cancer who are holding some of the necrosis on behalf of the Earth so the earth does not die.

Last month when we were having all the rain and stuff in California, I tapped in and asked the earth what's going on? I got the response, "Well, what do you expect?" The Earth showed that she's becoming necrotic and that there's people on the planet who have incarnated at this time who have made an agreement to carry some of the burden from the earth, because we're not giving back. Like, we take, take, take, take, take. We act as if there's this endless ability that the Earth has to withstand our disregard, really, and abuse of. And further went into how right now the earth needs us to not just be taking from but be giving back to energetically.

So, I've been going to the ocean, to the beach, to the trees, and instead of asking the trees for something, I've been giving back to the trees and asking nothing in return. And I've been praying on into the ocean, I've been apologizing, I've been, doing all these things. But the most mindblowing thing that was also shared is that there's people on the planet in bodies who some of the necrosis, the load, the dense load the earth is trying to share, people experiencing density being called cancer. Some of those people are in agreement to help try to carry some of the load of this necrosis. Otherwise, if there was no way to offload some of that and the Earth would just. Like, die.

So I have hope. And what I'm understanding is that we will see more changes in illnesses and density being called cancer and all kinds of other illnesses. It's not just about recycling, of course. It's that and and other things, water conservation, but things like literally, energetically, intentionally, honoring the earth and recognizing and speaking that we care, that we know that we have been acting entitled and that it's just our right to be standing here or doing whatever we're doing and without any kind of regard for what's holding us here, for what is and what we've been taking and all the gifts that we've been getting and all the beauty that we get to see that we just have a right to it instead of like a relationship that is equal giving and taking.

It really brought this heightened awareness. But also because I work so much with people with density being called cancer, I found it profound that that's a possibility. It's not even a possibility. The Earth told me, and I believe it, and Spirit and you know that. So let's all start giving back and loving on the earth. The trees, the animals, the water, the, you know, everything, like intentionally taking moments to show our gratitude, speak our gratitude and ask how we can support. Because this way maybe people can start offloading some of their density being called

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