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Inner Pilgrimage Sacred Group Session

Bobbi in Italian Cathedral
Italian Cathedral

Inner Pilgrimage - What does this mean?

We will explore this together in a sacred group where vulnerability with the self is paramount, with the group it is requested but not required.

I returned from my own inner pilgrimage just a few months ago, where I spent months visiting cathedrals around Italy, churches in England and sacred spaces in Bali. All of which were divinely guided by my soul, God and my guides, which include my parents on the other side. I will never be the same.

Not every one of us needs to unravel in the same way as the other, but there is a degree to which this is true for all of us. A sacred unraveling.

So, I extend my hand to you, as I have made it to the other side and will never forget what this took.

Faith and courage.

This is the space to be human and be held, to drop into the heart.

Spirit curated and overseen by God.

Whomever is willing will receive healing.

Come with questions.

Bring whatever faith you have, even if it's none. We got you xo

Sunday 6/16 from 10am-12pm in person in Long Beach.

Location given after booking your sacred spot.

As this is on Father's Day, perhaps it is a day you need extra support. Come be held.

In-person sessions are now available on Tuesdays from 10am-2pm in Long Beach!

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Aaron Pitts
Aaron Pitts
Jun 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Bless Up!

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