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Updated: Feb 23, 2023

There's a really beautiful story about this tree and this purple haze that's around it. In August, I went to Colorado to Four Corners area with my best friend, and we were taken on a day trip to see the ruins. And as we were walking through, the man that was hosting us on the walk pointed out that this tree is probably around 700 years old. They're very slow growing. And he gave us some information. And and as I you know, I learned more and more from trees. And so I just, of course, have always had respect for them. But I have like an immense amount of knowing about their powerful intention to help us heal and what it is they give and are capable of giving. Especially working with density called cancer. So I approached the tree and I stood in front of it and I said, You know, may I step forward? And the tree said, Yes. And the tree asked me to give it a healing. I'd never done this before. But as you know, or maybe you don't know, but I'm Spirit Taught. So I asked. I said, yes, of course, because I know that and I've gotten communication that we take. We tend to take a lot from nature and we don't think as much about giving back, replenishing, re-energizing. And so with great reverence, I stepped forward and I asked Spirit and the tree and I, you know, for help, show me, show me what to do. And it was incredible to to know and learn that there are, you know, the energetic meridians around the tree within the tree that are the same as the theory body. And, you know, and the field of of us, you know, and I began relighting the tree's meridians that were out and then also moving density. And I could feel spots of heat where there was, you know, stuckness and blocked energy. And the tree just felt tired and depleted almost, you know, and dehydrated. And of course, but it felt very much like a like of like a human being's, you know, a spirit body. It was so interesting. And so as I just I move through this healing in many different ways. And I didn't know that my friend was actually videotaping and photographing the tree because she began to notice as I was working and healing, the tree started turning the the aura around. It began to turn purple. And so upon completing this healing and saying thank you and everything in this beautiful teaching and this beautiful I were just so honored that the tree asked me for help. You know, it was just it was it was beautiful and overwhelming. And I was so grateful. And then this picture that you're looking at is from real time photo of that tree being healing, basically. So I wanted to share that story with you. Thank you so much.

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