The healing of our Etheric Body is paramount as it has traveled with us through time and space and directly effects the physical body

When we are out of alignment
this creates the potential for the vibrational
environment of dis-ease or an inability to manifest at minimum

How do we become misaligned?

The Etheric Body tells the vibrational story of all your experiences
from this life AND other unhealed incarnations

The problem we currently face is that the unhealed experiences have disconnected us from our souls and we have forgotten who we are.

This alone is creating anxiety in all of us as we navigate our humanity/personhood...


Clairvoyance/Medical Intuitive
For me - it is the communing with your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, Subconscious Mind, Physical and Etheric Bodies and gain the information necessary to bring them into alignment.
This creates the conditions for intrinsic healing and optimal wellness.

The Etheric body (light body) begins to tell the story of the physical body by the vibration of wounds and false beliefs being held as density and stagnation.

Physically and Energetically
Each organ has its own vibrational and physical needs, these needs are prioritized and expressed to me for optimal vibrational and physical health. Bringing these into balance creates the potential for intrinsic release and ultimate healing.

Past Life Healing
The experiences of every life and their unhealed wounds reside vibrationally in your etheric Body and ultimately duplicate into the physical body if left unhealed.

The information about a past life and what can be done for the release of these experiences is given by your Soul/Higher Self + your Spirit Guides.

Many times, there are soul level agreements from a past life effecting you in this life that may need completion for the energetic release of blocks

Loved ones on the other side step forward to give insight and to support your healing. Regardless of who they were or what your relationship was with them while they were in physical form - they are only here for your highest good and your transcendence. You are dearly loved.

⏂ Light
Is used to dismantle density/stagnation with the goal of release and flow.
Breathing light for your etheric body is equal to breathing air for your physical. We may also breathe light for the balance of masculine/feminine energy which is vital.

Resonant frequency recognizes vibrational density and brilliantly begins to dismantle it for the purpose of release, healing and overall balanced resonance

Compassion + Love + Empathy
Are recognized vibrationally by the etheric body.

This trifecta nourishes, calms and supports the release and embodied healing of both the physical and etheric.

My Intention and will to be in service to your healing and highest good are a powerful vibration.

My faith in your humanity, your Souls plan and the guidance of Spirit are unwavering.



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