The Etheric Body Is Dense and Toxic Long Before Physical Illness

This is etheric medicine™

The effects of trauma are never the same in any two people; even if the event is similar, each individual etheric (energy) body holds it differently.

I am a Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, so I am guided to work in different ways with each person to assist in breaking down,  softening and clearing dense, toxic energy. Spirit  works through me in a very unique way, it cannot be explained with mere  words. This is energy medicine.

When they (spirit) deem it beneficial for healing, they will share evidential  details of the trauma/event which has Imbedded itself in the energy body.

The word trauma seems to assume an outwardly devastating event for most people. In this work, trauma describes an event, whether we deem it big or small, conscious or unconscious, physical or emotional which left behind a toxic imprint on our etheric body.

Over time, if left unattended, the toxic density builds up in our etheric (energy) body and can create chronic illness and/or chronic pain in our physical body. This is also the cause of persistent emotional pain.

Healing returns us to our natural state of light vibration, we are essentially light. When we remember this, we understand that using medications to cure illnesses does absolutely nothing to clear our etheric body, which is the origination of physical/emotional illness and pain.

WE have the POWER to HEAL!!