Before I started my Group Healing Q&A this week - I asked Spirit “what is in the highest good for everyone?” What came through for us during our time together was this incredible healing meditation that I am calling The Powerful River because I was awe struck by it’s beauty and ease. I am always in awe of spirit, God, angels and loved ones - MAN! Ask and you shall receive always seems an understatement! Their agenda (because they always have one) during this group was to bring awareness to the energetic frenzy that’s happening for everyone in bodies right now - for different reasons. The intense rushing river was the analogy used for this powerful healing/releasing and ultimately walking out of the river. I hope you find it helpful - take what you need and most of all RELEASE! We have the power to heal AND We are NEVER alone 🙏♥️I’d love to hear how the meditation is felt by you.

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