I hadn’t intended on going live on IG a few days ago but my peeps (spirit) kept nudging me to share a few recent insights that have come through our small group Heal + Hangs. So here I am on a self care beach walk talking about several things but most importantly, in this frenzied health/wellness space, where there is one thing after another being offered as healing modalities.. do this - take that. Unfortunately, healing has become like a job with a long daily TO DO list which is the opposite of simply communing with self and your guides to release what no longer serves in divine timing - with faith and ease. Being in the constant doing of modalities is not being and you will find yourself feeling back where you started.. or worse. This is what I am witnessing in my sessions as well. Lighten up guys - take your foot off the gas and cultivate unconditional love for yourself through compassion. Chillax 🙆🏼♂️😘

PS - You can learn more or join a small group via www.healingwithbobbi.com

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