There are many beautiful messages this week fromSpirit but I became clear that this one is needed today.On our walk with the dogs this morning I glanced up and noticed a woman running by who looked to be about 40. Her body looked depleted at about 70lbs but she had a big smile when our eyes met as she ran past.  As you know, I am able to see/feel both the etheric and physical bodies and how they relate and communicate with each other. How emotion and thoughts are held and many times where they are originally derived. I turned to send this woman light because what I heard was that she was feeling joy in her attempt to run from her emotional pain. It was soothing to her to meet her pain with pain, this is the best way to describe the feeling. My heart filled with compassion for her. Eating disorders and self punishing behavior has become even more prevalent in the new world of supplements and diets and for me it’s been like watching a black and white photo come to life while sitting in a tray of developer. The times we are in have highlighted (by the Grace of God) wounds buried so deep that we have no choice but to begin healing. The healing is indeed raising the light vibration on the planet but when do we know we are truly healing or masking pain with pain?I had an incredible conversation on IGLIVE with Jessica Flanigan a Clinical Nutritionist, if you missed it please go have a listen. So many spirit insights but this one is profound. We were discussing what she calls intuitive eating, teaching women to truly feel into the body, which is a concept spirit calls us all to do. The bomb spirit dropped in response to her was this...If we are asking women to intuit how their body “feels” with certain foods and supplements but they are accustomed to feeling pain, both emotional and physical then the danger is that something causing pain may indeed be felt as soothing and ultimately harmful. If pain has been our only company to feed our loneliness then how do we allow that to leave? We are tipping the scales towards dangerous if we don’t first address our emotional wounds before attempting to change something solely in our physical bodies. Fasting could ultimately be an attempt at self punishing by withholding. This could be showing up as a need for control because our pain is so deep and feels out of control. Self loathing and lack of self love could be driving us to withstand the pain our body is trying to communicate.This truly is the elephant in the room Please have compassion for your pain, it is bringing you to healing 🙏Sending so much LOVE + LIGHTBobbi xo

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