I had a session over the weekend that was a profound example of what can happen to our soul, our physical body and emotional health when we  cannot find our way to forgiveness. Blaming others for life situations we consider less than optimum literally creates density in our own etheric/ energy body, which eventually leads to illness.

A 40 year old woman riddled with various illnesses, diabetes being one of them, came to me for a private session via her doctors recommendation. I ask people not to tell me much, to allow me to tune in and see for myself what is going on. Once tuned in, I was shown where various densities are residing in her energy body. I am guided as to what is a priority for the client and simply follow that guidance. For her, I was shown first an energetic black hole in her abdomen (power source) that was literally leaking every bit of life force she still manages to have.

Without asking her anything, I began gettin information downloaded about how this hole came to be in this state, what emotional wound had created this. I was then guided to ask her a few pointed questions and it quickly became evident that she was still holding her parents hostage for a million things, which she was happy to list off as examples of their failures. Her health was their fault and she damn sure is going to make THEM pay by cutting them off and having nothing to do with them. It wasn’t evident to her that SHE is the one paying with her life for things that cannot be changed.

As we continued, I was astounded by the reasons for her diabetes. I cant share all the details, but anger and her insistence that her parents are horrible and have ruined any chance at life. Holding this as her truth has starved her cells of energy, light and nutrients. We are such amazing creatures, that when the body goes into shock, the message gets sent out to begin shunting the blood from our limbs towards the organs that keep us alive! Her body has been in emergency mode for such a long time that her cells are literally starved of everything they needs to be healthy. Her lack of forgiveness has started her bodies process of dying. No joke. All because her parents didn’t have the capacity to parent her in a healthy way.

Somehow, someway at 40 years old, she clings to her story about how they failed her, yet she’s watching her body failing in front of her eyes. She’s in constant pain and is losing her will to live.

Her guides began explaining to her that EVERYONE does the best they can with the wounds they carry. That we all make choices and have behavior that can at times be very painful for others. The fact remains, we are all doing the best we can, with what we have, at all times. Ultimately, we don’t do things to harm others intentionally. In the times we fall short, its not about anyone else, its about our unhealed selves.

Just because her mother is her mother doesn’t mean she is exempt from compassion and forgiveness. She is also a wounded child, who has gone unhealed. To hold her to a standard she simply wasn’t/isn’t capable of is literally killing her own body. Forgiving is about us, not them.


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