What is the Ascension Program?

Join us for the  program that has been guided by Spirit using the inspiration, information and wisdom Bobbi has received during her 1,000+ sessions.

The possibilities for TRANSFORMATION are endless.

Move from a life of questions to a life of knowing.

It’s the simple, 7-Pillar Program (starting February 15th, 2021) that took Bobbi from being stripped of everything but Faith to living her purpose in a thriving mentoring and healing practice.

Inside this program you are led on a path to Faith, Healing and Life Purpose that guides you to move past pain and illness to living a life of transcendence in peace and harmony with Spirit.

This program is for anyone that has ever felt like giving up, ever felt alone, anxious or afraid. Anyone who has ever looked at their life and felt overwhelmed or confused.

UNTIL NOW, this life-changing experience and wisdom has only been available to those who work with Bobbi one-on-one. And as you know, only a small handful of people can benefit from that.

Today, you can get your hands on the exact knowledge, Spirit guidance and wisdom that you’ve been searching for at a fraction of the price - with all of the information and access you need to change your life - forever.


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