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all dis-ease begins in the etheric body

Our souls come in with the etheric body - the physical body is simply a duplicate; a hologram of the etheric. EVERYTHING we experience, such as emotional or physical trauma of any sort, even environmental  assaults including other people's thoughts and emotions. We don’t have to consider ourselves empaths to experience this at the etheric level. It is happening anyway! Like it or not, which is why it’s so important to HEAL and clear our etheric bodies of stagnation and density on a daily basis.
(BREATHING LIGHT + Self Care are paramount)

When I asked God (non-denominational) in the middle of the night a few years ago how to explain all this in layman’s terms, God replied “healing is in the medicine you cannot see”. Astounding right?!

This makes sense because we are LIGHT, VIBRATIONAL beings, we are not our physical bodies. We need light for our etheric as much, if not more, than we need oxygen for our physical. Whatever created the stagnation that turned to density in the etheric body, such as trauma, it MUST be cleared or that density then duplicates into the physical. This is typically when western medicine begins to call the original trauma trapped in the etheric body an illness, because it can now be seen with testing.

The problem is, the issue truly resides in the etheric body, so only focusing on healing the physical can't and won't release the dis-ease from our energy body (etheric). If not cleared, it will duplicate again into the physical body- this is why we have recurring illnesses such as cancer. So to be clear, we must have a well-flowing etheric body for our physical body to be well.

If we understand that healing truly is in the medicine we cannot see, then we understand that not only energy healing and breathing the light are medicine, but above all LOVE, KINDNESS + COMPASSION towards self and others are the most powerful medicine there is.


When I speak about faith, it is not referred to as a religion, it is simply an acceptance and a KNOWING that we are divinely Spirit guided 100% of the time. Not one of us in a physical body is exempt from this. The truth is, when in our highest self, in spirit form, not yet having taken a physical body, we asked and they agreed to be with us on this journey. They reminded us that the emotional wounds we chose as tools for our souls' transcendence would eventually either victimize us or empower us to heal, that we would have to find the courage. They also reminded us that we wouldn't remember because we signed up for amnesia as part of the human experience. Our Spirit Guides have been with us through all of it, the choosing of our wounds, the beautiful collaboration with God as we chose our life purpose and our incarnation. They have witnessed our life here on every level, every moment, every thought, every heartbreak, every trauma, our grief, our fear, our joy, our love our our... They know what we need to heal and are here to lead us through the healing and towards the life purpose we chose before God. It is simply time.

When we understand the truth of this, FAITH is born, everything begins here.

**The guides are lovingly referred to as the "peeps" - They hold all the answers.

P.S As the website continues under construction, please note that I am moving into group healing Q&A
Single sessions will soon be limited to 1 day/week.
Stay Tuned!

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I stand UNWAVERING as I lead you on your path, so that you live the POWER-FULLy healed life of PURPOSE you came here to LIVE!


Cary Brazeman


Scott Milano

I stand UNWAVERING as I lead you on your path, so that you live the POWER-FULLy healed life of PURPOSE you came here to LIVE!


I’m  so grateful I’ve met Bobbi. She’s is a truly kind, gifted human being. Walking into my session I felt lost, uneasy, and in fear of an unknown. She was able to help me understand so much about what I was feeling and why. I couldn’t thank Bobbi enough! She is a special woman! I highly highly recommend everyone to see her. I’m looking forward to continuing my sessions with her and finally am feeling at peace within. Thank you Bobbi!
Maira Yepez
Before I met with Bobbi I was struggling with so much going on in my life. I was unsure at first what would happen or what Bobbi could do for me. My healing with Bobbi was life changing & priceless. She helped me heal mentally, emotionally & physically. Not only did I find direction in my life but I was able to love myself again &  find my worth. After that day my new journey & life began. A life of clarity, positivity, love & happiness. Thank you so much Bobbi for helping me take so much weight off my shoulders, mind & heart, I am forever grateful. I can now live life knowing I can accomplish anything & do it with a smile! You came into my life when I needed it most!
Gina Pugliese
I  went  for  the  scan  and  the  Dr  was  dumbfounded,  he  said  it  must  have  been  the  blood  thinners  an d i  told  him  I  had  taken  myself  off  of  them  because  they  made  me  feel  horrible.  My  massive  clot  was  down  to  the  size  of  a  small  flat  pea!  My  leg went  back  to  its  normal  size  after  the  3rd  session.  And  I  celebrated  by  wearing  my cowboy  boots!      I  would  have  never  believed  it  myself,  but  its  real,  you'd  have  to  witness  these  sessions  to  believe  what  takes  place.  Each  one  was  different.She  has  since  helped  my  friends  daughter  who  has  Cerebral Palsy  due to  traumatic  birth  and  has  never  been  able  to  communicate  before  Bobbi  came  along.  
Bobbi has the unique ability and profound compassion to guide others along their path to healing. She provided me deep insight into who I am, helped me find my center, and allowed me how to better understand how to heal my body when over half a dozen doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. I went to several different hospitals, was seen by many specialists and found no conclusive answer other than they think it‘s cancer. Bobbi was able to pinpoint and identify exactly what was happening inside my body and was able to provide me with a clear direction on how to heal my body. She will uplift, provide guidance, and help point out how to achieve your fullest potential. I am beyond grateful for her gift of healing.
I was amazed with  her intuition. Even more amazed with  her  ability to heal both my  emotional  and my physical problems. Even after  that  short  session  my  issues  started  to  dissipate. After a few  days,  I started  to  feel immediate relief. She asked what  meds I was taking  because  she  could  see  that  whatever  it  was  was  actually  burning  my  stomach  and  causing  harm  and  may  be  dangerous. My  doctor  told  me I  would  have  to  take  them  for  the  rest  of  my  life.  I  was  skeptical  at  the  time  but  decided  to  stop  taking  them  because  I  felt  relief .  Hear  this!  A  few  weeks  later,  I  received  a  notice  that  those  drugs  were  being  recalled  becuse  of  a  dangerous  dose  of  a  chemical  causing  cancer  in  them!  Two  weeks  ago  I  had  an  actual  long  session  wth  her  again  and  was  blown  away  again.  e  dug  up  more  issues  I  have  been  dealing  with  and  she  removed  them  as  well.  This  time  more  thoroughly  and with  even  faster  results.I  am  definitely coming  back  and  recommending Bobbi  to  all  my  friends.  She  has  a  true  gift  that  has  to  be  experienced  at  least  once.
Rike Boomgaarden
I  wouldn’t say I was skeptical, but hearing about Bobbi, and the Akashic  Records, was definitely a whole different level of spirituality than  what I had allowed into my life before. I was nervous, but way too curious and in need of help. Bobbi is an outstanding, warm and wise person and made me feel incredibly comfortable. I felt drawn to her and trying this out to get more understanding about certain blocks and  struggles in my life.
There‘s literally NO words to describe how grateful and happy I am that I took that risk ...it was intense! She can read and see things that our unbelievable. Opening my records was overwhelming yet made me understand what’s going on in my life. This session has changed my outlook and perception and it’s like a kickstart of amazing chain reactions!!!


Dr. Mindy Pelz
Montel Williams
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